AM3 CPU help

Hello guys just a quick question i have just bought this motherboard

And was wondering if this cpu was compatible

Im not too sure i think it will run fine as a cheap upgrade for now
what does this mean (except 920 / 940) it was stated in the item description and on ASROCKS official site i have no idea what that means is it a different socket i thought any AM3 cpu would work in any AM3 socket

Its been over a year since my last pc build so unsure about cpu advances now

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  1. Yes, the Mobo supports the CPU and will run perfectly fine.....
    Although the RAM that board is going to use is DDR3 so I guess you're going to need to buy that too.......

    The except 920/940 means 920 or 940 pin Processors........
    Your AIIX4 is a 939 or 938 Pin socket so it'll work... :)
  2. both are AM3 you should be fine.
  3. Could you please post the model no. rather than the links. The links wont open as the sites are blocked.
  4. 940 is the am2+ socket
    some phenom ii are am2+ socket and not am3
    some mobos are am2+ but support am3
    your mobo supports am3 processors only
    your athlon ii x4 should work on it
  5. Sorry here is is the motherboard info

    ASRock M3N78D nForce 720D (Socket AM3) PCI-Express DDR3 16GB

    Sorry i forgot to add is this Motherboard future proof i dont want this to be proned for upgrades in another year or so as im buiding this to the maximum to save money on the long run thanks.

    Thanks everyone for your answers
  6. Your questions been answered..... no point in continuing the debate......
    A cheap Mobo can't be future proof.... if it's a temporary build , it'll work for a year and it'll work well, upgrades and other things are dependent on the speed of technological change all around the world in the IT sector.... so that's really not a very predictable thing....
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