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I want to ask that, can HD5670 (1 gb) work on DG41RQ or DG31PR motherboards. The psu in system is 420 Watts. Please help me in this regards

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    Yes. It would work. According to the specs of the DG41RQ the board has a PCI Express x16 slot. Although i must add that it will run at a reduced capacity. Since the HD5670 needs a PCIe 2.0 x16 slot. Just make sure the 420W is a good brand of PSU.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I was wondering about 2 more things. the HD5670 has pcx speed of 2.1 and i cant find out the speed of motherboard DG41RQ pcx slot. 2ndly DG41RQ is a bit old in motherboard family, would this graphic card work on full potential ?
  3. oh thanks for your edited post, really appreciate it. i guess i will save money and buy the new pc next month with a good board. i will appreciate if you can recommend any board which works good with this card.
  4. GPU's are generally backward compatible with the slots. So no worries there. But since you are going for a complete change of your PC next month, go to Systems section of the forum and post what you need along with your total budget.
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