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My first post on Toms Harware but this seems to be where all the action is.

My Samsung 2TD drive is failing with chkdsk reporting errors but is unable to correct them. I have zero wipped the drive and started again but the errors have come back so lets get rid of it.

I do not need a high capacity drive as most of my data is on a NAS that in it's turn is backed up daily to a 2GB HDD. My desktop consists of a SSD for the OS and the HDD for data. With havung nost data on the NAS I am left with 75GB of data.

So what I am looking for is a HDD that favores reliabiliy over capacity. Any ideas what I should look for. I do have a spare Samsung 500GB but it been used so I prefer to put a fresh one in.

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  1. You're not going to get much other then individual peoples opinions on this, ssds do seem to be very biased in intel/samsung have the most reliable drives, but with mechanical drives there isn't really a standout manufacture.

    Personally I would go with the drive with the best price per gb, and the longest warranty.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yess SSD's are totally confusing and I wonder if those who write about them know. I will speak from experience of mine hopfully in a few years.

    As well as reading about HDD's it seems to me that every manufacturer has made good ones and lemmons. I wonder about my Samsung as it was very cheap when I bought it nearly 2 years ago.

    Giving this a lot of thought as it is holding the data for my desktop and I do keep regular backups I might was well used the spare for now as I need to do some other upgrades and the worst that can happen is it could fail the next day.

  3. There will always be +'s and -'s for both HDD & SSD in terms of speed and reliability.
    With a SSD, you have to worry about data loss due to a power surge. With a HDD, you have to worry about deterioration over time. For work, I have had pretty good success with WD's 1TB Caviar Black series - actually used them with drive caddies and interposers to upgrade a Dell PE 2950. Haven't had a failure yet and they've been in use for over 6 months despite being active for that entire period. Everyone has their preferences and WD has my money because of failures from Seagate, Hitachi & Samsung (they came with Dell desktops, not my choice).

    When it's all said and done, I believe in using RAID5+1 whenever possible for speed and reliability with a platter drive. Multiple spindles working in tandem to read and write data and you have a hotspare for failures so your day to day work isn't compromised by attempting to recovering data. Just my two bits
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