New PC, question about ram and testing, could you review?

Hello I just built my Core I3 based pc.
The system is:
Intel Core I3 530 2.9GHz
Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H
Kingston DDR3 2048MB 1333MHz (x2)
Samsung HD502HJ 500MB
Seasonic S12II Bronze 430Watt
No overclock

I got 2 DIMMs of Kingston 2048MB 1333Mhz, but for some reason CPU-z shows them as 667MHz why is that?

One more question:
How I can test my system for stability (is it needed at all)?

Last question: Here you can find the output of CPU-z
Does this settings looks fine (the voltage and stuff, I dont understand in this I simply used optimized bios settings).
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  1. It only really matters what's shown in the BIOS.

    To test for stability, go to the Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC sticky. Step 10 has a bunch of benchmarking/testing software you can and should run.
  2. BIOS data:

    QPI Frequency 5868MHZ (44x)
    BCLK Frequency 133Mhz
    Memory frequency 1333Mhz
    Turbo Ratio 22
    Non-Turbo Ratio 22
    Turbo Frequency 2934
    Non-Turbo Frequency 2934
    Total Memory 4096
    (next data is shown in format of tCL/tRCD/tRP/tRAS/tRRD/tWTP/tRFC/tCMD
    Channel A 9/9/9/24/4/21/74/2
    Channel B 9/9/9/24/4/21/74/2

    CPU VCore 1.168V
    QPI Vtt Voltage 1.100V
    PCH Core 1.050V
    CPU PLL 1.800V
    DRAM Voltage 1.500V
    +5V 4.945V
    +12V 12.492V
    System temperature 43C
    Core temperature 32C
  3. Assuming this is the Kingston RAM you have, it looks good.
  4. More or less. This is the model from your link
    Mine is

    Thanks for you reply!
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