Need help choosing motherboard for cpu

I live in Ireland so I guess you can use the UK websites too with just some postage fees. I have exactly 275 euro to spend on a CPU and motherboard (225 pounds) and I was planning on getting an i5-3570K to overclock at a later date but that means that I have only about 60 pounds left for a motherboard. Can you suggest a motherboard for 60 pounds? Or is that not enough to get a decent motherboard to overclock and should I just stick with a lower CPU like a 3470 and get a cheaper motherboard then?
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  1. Well, Tom's does great articles for mobos in different price ranges.

    I would suggest a 3570k and a reasonably priced Z77 mobo. Its probably the best bang for the buck.

    If I were you, save up another 50 pounds if you need to. CPU and mobo are not items you want to cut cost on. Wait another 6 months till you have more money, and buy a CPU/Mobo that will keep you happy for another 5 years.

    Your call.
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