Add VGA port to MSI p41-c31 with G41 chipset?

I purchased an MSI P41-C31 motherboard to use in a Windows Home Server. It has the Intel G41 chipset so I assumed it had built in VGA but didn't read the specs carefully. It does not come with a VGA port although the motherboard has a connection point for it and the manual says it is "optional". I can't find any additional information from MSI about how to get it as an option.

So my question is, if I purchase a D-Sub 15 PCB mount connector such as this,, will I be able to connect it and activate the GPU on the board? Does anyone have experience with this type of modification?

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  1. When I look at the specs on their website they say VGA N/A which points to that even if you soldiered a connection on the board you might be restricted by BIOS. Exchanging the board or buying a cheap basic GPU is probably a better option.
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