Need some help deceiding on new mobo

in the last week my computer has broke im assuming its the motherboard , problem im having is that theres no signal going to my monitor i have tried re-seating everything just just 1 stick of ram still nothing , on searching the internet on the mobo im using just now asus p5n e sli it seems quite alot of people get this problem , what mobo do you reckon i should go for this is my setup

intel quadcore q6600
geforce 8600 gt video card
cooler master tower
8gb ram
500gb harddrive
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  1. forgot to mention the reason im thinking of buying a new mobo is asus rma is done buy creative computing in scotland which is £21 ( for a repair i would rather just buy a new board) i bought it on 8 march 2008 so the warranty is up shortly
  2. I would actually suggest you RMA. Even if you replace the motherboard - you could always sell the rma board's replacement you get xD.
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