Supported motherboard for GDDR3/GDDR5

Ok hi all..
I just curious...

Is it all types of motherboard that has PCI E x16 can support all gddr3, gddr4, and gddr5 graphic card?
Or u need a specific motherboard that support those graphic card..
Im running ddr2 motherboard...
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  1. GDDR = Graphics Double Data Rate, So were talking about graphics memory not system memory.
    You can use any type of GDDR graphics card with your motherboard (As long as its PCI-E and not VGA)
  2. You just need a motherboard with PCI-E x16 ,and u can use any grafix card with ddr,ddr2,ddr3,ddr4,ddr5 grafix card.U can run ddr,ddr2,ddr3,ddr4,ddr5 grafix card with ur ddr2 motherboard if u have a pci-e x16 slot!
  3. Thx dude..

    SAPPHIRE HD 5670 512MBgddr5..

    HERE I COME!!!
  4. You just need a motherboard with PCI-E x16 slot ........I think all ddr memory will support
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