CQ61-408AX thermal shut down issue

Hellow, I bought a compaq laptop Persario CQ61 last week. I bought it just because the sales said it can run the high demanding game, the Call of Duty 5, and it's not expaensive, under $850. As soon as I go home, carrying this brand new laptop cheerfully, I install this 3D game right away. In the begining 15 minuts of the game proceeding goes well, but after that, the screen turns blue and shuts down aburptly. I restart the system and run this game again, the same phenomenon appears. Meanwhile I touch the wind gap, it's so hot. I use the temperature sensor detecting software to observe the key component temperature. The GPU goes up to unbelivable 80 centigrade degrees when proceeding this game. It seems utter abnormal. Annoying Shutting down occurs again and again while playing this game. I return this product and get another brand product ultimately. Every thing goes well.
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  1. So... Problem solved then? So what do you need from us?
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