Graphics Card question

guy i really need to know this

i have 9800gt 1 gb

and the old dual core 2.83ghz

my doubt is if i get a quad core 2.66ghz or i5 will i get more Fps
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  1. you'll see some gain no doubt about it, but how much gain depends on what resolution you play at and also what games you play.
  2. whats the model of that dualcore?

    it really depends on what games you play if you get better fps with a quad, for example gta 4, Farcry 2, Flight Simulator X, etc. does better with a quad but i think a graphics card upgrade would give you more fps increase than a cpu upgrade.
  3. pretty sure you would see the biggest jump moving to a newer GPU. the G92 has been around a while and you would see the best gains by moving to a new 58xx series.
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