HD 4890 or HD 5770... for 1280x720

ok first, im new to the forum but ive been using this page for a lot of time for my upgrade path =), hi everyone

the next thing is that im upgrading my video card (an 8800gt), and have this problem, i know the 4890 performonce better than the 5770 (as seen in this forum reviews and benchmarks), but the problem is that dx11 seems tempting and that i own a monitor that its highest resolution is 1280x720, my problem... is at that resolution you would see too much difference in performance between these 2 cards, and if dx11 is worth my sacrifice in performance

i dont plan on change the monitor for at least 2 years from now, and at that time i could go crossfire for any of those cards, or change them for that matter, thou unlikely to change monitor any time soon

i know that, for example, dx10 never "lift of" like it should be, and im a little "scared" that i go for the dx11, lose some performance, and never got what i really want (REALLY dx11, STALKER CoP screens barely make any difference, but that is a "launch" game for dx11, same as Dirt2...)

5870 or 5850, are out of price range imo, and for that resolution those card would OVERKILL my monitor

sooo should i go with the 4890 or 5770 ? too much diff in performance for that res. ?

thanks =)

my specs are

CPU: Phenom II 955BE @3.6Ghz (OC)
MoBo: A790GXM-AD3 (DDR3/SLI/Audio HD)
GPU: XFX 8800GT 512mb
RAM: 3gb DDR3 1333Mhz
PowerSupply: 650w Corsair
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  1. HD5770. Especially if you plan on crossfiring.
  2. but how it will be the performance ? enough for new games ?, im expecting something like 45 fps, crysis enthusiat, with no AA... for example, or 60 fps on BFBC2, something like that
  3. sorry 2ble post, the hd 4890 its a saphire, the hd 5770 its a saphire vapor-x

    wich one ?
  4. someone I saw sold their 1 week 4890 to buy a DX11 card for AvP because the difference is so big...

    oh, and there is almost no performance hit to run DX11 in AvP (maybe 5% at most from what I could see)
  5. 5770 and move to xfire later.
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