Overheating cpu or integrated graphics card--which is it?

I recently installed Realtemp for my new lapop, and the numbers are a bit high whenever I'm playing games. I use:

Dell studio laptop
cpu: i3
ram: 4gb
video card: hd intel integrated graphics

For example: whenever I'm on the web, chatting, etc. the cpu temperature reads 38-48C. However, whenever I'm playing starcraft 2, it reads 50-65C. I know that the i3 cpu is more than enough for starcraft 2, but it puzzles me with these high numbers. So in my wildest conclusion, I assumed that realtemp is reading the temperature from both the cpu and the nearby integrated graphics card, as 50-65C seems in the range of most gpu temperatures. I'm not that much educated in this matter so if this conclusion seems far fetched, I hope you understand.

Well that's my guess, which I'm very skeptical that it is correct.

Anyway, should I be worrying about this?
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    The integrated graphics card on an i3 system isnt just near the CPU, its IN the cpu. Most laptop CPUs are designed to take more heat than their desktop counter parts. Looking at the intel spec sheet its looks like the max temp on the mobile i3's is about 90C so you are well within the safe range
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