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I'll try and explain this as best possible. Please excuse if it's not totally clear.
Our engineering Dept. has 9 xp pc's connected to our company Domain running Small Business Server.
From time to time our network has issues beyond our contraol and a part Time IT guy. We are looking to see if it is possible to be connected to our Domain, but at the same time to a workgroup We control. we can keep our own data contained within the workgroup, bypassing the domain server. I'm not sure if I have explained this the best but basically, we do not trust out domain and IT for data integrity, and want to control it ourselves between our 9 pc's. Problem is we still need access to the doamain as well for. But if it goes down, we can still get our work done within our workgroup...

And no, A new IT staff is out of the question. Long story :(

Thanks for any input.
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  1. What's wrong with the server?
  2. To many hiccups with the server and domain.
    Huge lag at times when accessing our files on the server.
    We want to remove all our content from the server, to one of our workgroup pc's and have it do our own backups to an external drive.
    Only thing we need to be connected to the domain for is internet access and ERP database...

    Our IT has Old switches etc that look like a cobweb.
  3. It wouldn't be hard; you'd essentially be making one of your workstations into a fileserver. All you need to do (after you check that you have adequate disc space) is share a folder on the workstation you want to share off of, then you can map a network drive to that share from your other workstations.
    This might not achieve the goals you wanted to achieve (decreasing lag), as the problem could be with your network, not your server, but it wouldn't hurt to try.
  4. This is kinda tricky, especially if you guys are logged on as a domain users, if you map a network drive as pepp suggested the drive will still go down if the domain goes down because again you guys logged on as a domain users. "Workgroup" good alternative idea especially if the machines have enough storage space then you can map a network drive as pepp suggested but again you would have to find away to connect to the Internet.. ummm
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