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Kit + 180mm Rad, would it work? Help

I am going to buy a Silverstone TJ08B-E case which comes with Silverstone's own 180mm Air Penetrator fan for my mATX Gaming PC build I'm about to start. I was wanting to water cool my PC and I was thinking that I could buy the Rasa 450 RS120 WaterCooling Kit and then instead of using its 120mm radiator use the Magicool 180mm Slim Radiator and put it in the front of the case with the fan already present in the TJ08B-E. Then I could use the 120mm fan present in the kit as my exhaust fan and just keep the extra radiator or sell it. I liked the kit because it wasn't a 5.25" bay reservoir and it is relatively cheap. My question is would this work or am I overlooking something as this would be my first time doing a custom loop. This would perform better than a Corsair H60 correct? Thanks in advance
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