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I’m looking at building my own computer for the first time. So far I have bought Dells and HPs and I have switched out PSU, HD, graphics cards, and ram. I haven’t built a computer yet because I have always thought that installing a motherboard and cpu into an empty case might be too difficult. Is building your own system a whole level above replacing parts? Are there lots of compatibility issues to be aware of when starting from scratch?
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  1. simple awnser YES
    extended awser it's usually a just basic stuff like power supply knowing your video and other slots compatibility
    but i do suggest whatching driver compatibility example

    Intel + Nvidia = decent compatibilty
    Amd + Ati = Good Compatibilty
  2. It's really not hard if you:

    1. Downlaod a step by step manual from one of the popular build sites
    2. RTFM .... Read the FAT Manuals supplied by each vendor.

    There's a lot of anxious time after you place your order and wait for stuff to arrive. D/l all your manuals from manufacturer web sites and read while you wait .... use a highlighter to emphasize spots you wanna return to.
  3. I vote for not hard.

    1) Post your list of parts and you will get lots of opinions and a compatibility check.
    Give your budget, what you plan on using it for, and your preferences.

    2) Download and read the manual for your prospective case and motherboard.

    3) Plan on installing the cpu cooler while the motherboard is outside of the case. You need to access the back of the motherboard to install a back plate, or, for pushpin coolers(like retail) that all the pins are securely through and locked.
    It is a good time to install the ram also.

    Experience is what you get when things do not go exactly like you planned.

    You will probably get better support from this forum than from a dell or the like.
  4. Read through my sticky on Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC to give yourself an idea of what you are in for. Building a PC isn't that difficult as long as you follow the manuals and do your research.
  5. As almost all of the others have said, building a PC is not a hard task, it may seem intimidating the first time around, but it really is not.

    You could also take a look at youtube, there are many videos detailing how to build a PC, here is good one in 3 parts that walks you through the whole process.
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