Primary HDD on sata motherboard

If i connect my primary IDE HDD on a SATA motherboard with IDE to SATA converter will the os on the IDE HDD boot?
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  1. it might start the boot process but will BSOD since it will run into driver issues.

    try booting into Safe Mode first.

    if the HDD has XP on it, XP might not recognize the SATA controller.
  2. Can i use the ide to pci card... will it work then.
  3. you should have an IDE port on the motherboard; however, like I said before you will most likely have BSODs due to driver problems.

    Over 90% of the time I had run into this issue.

    also some IDE to PCI cards can not be booted of from
  4. Bought an ide controller pci card. connected my hdd and dvd drive. os in the hdd boots but the dvd drive isnt showing up.
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