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Confirmed Major Problems OC\'ing Ivy Bridge - i7-3770K & i5-3570K

I have a orange ing savings machine. It worked perfect until my granddaughter from texas visited and screwed it up. now I cant open the machine because my code comes up as an error
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  1. did she overclock it?

    desktop or laptop?

    can you get into the bios settings?
  2. Okay, please clarify what your problem actually is. Your subject and your message are for completely different things.

    Are you trying to access an on-line banking account? If so, you need to contact the bank.
  3. My problem is with an ing direct savings machine toy bank. The password on it has been changed and I do not know how to reset it to something I want.
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    I am sorry, but we can't help you with this. Discussions on how to bypass security measures are not allowed on Tom's Forums. Even if we could do so (this really isn't a tech/computer question it seems), we have no means to verify you are the owner of the item.

    I suggest you contact the manufacturer of the device for support.
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