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Ok, i didnt buy that 5750 yet but i saw another hd radeon 5750, which is about and inch longer than that of the one that i asked about previously.

Here is the card:

It has better cooling, which im considering on overclocking it.

Do you think that it will fit in my case considering as it is 1 inch longer?

Here is my mobo for you to see (scroll half way down the page and you will see a diagram of my motherboard):⟨=en&product=3436818

I am highly considering on getting this card instead of the XFX version of it.

I upgraded my power supply now its a 500w.

Im worried that it will block the SATA ports on it and also that it may touch the RAM slots.

Please help me.

Thanks, Kelvin.
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  1. Oh and the dimensions of this card is here:
  2. OK, do you have any cards that youd recommend for me? Im looking for something that is from ATI and that is not too costly, and which will fit in my computer. Thanks.
  3. First off dont get the 5750 its a bad card get the 5770 for the $20 exta its much better choice more power and overclocks better. And by the looks of the diagram you should be fine it shouldnt block the sata ports and if it is a tight squeeze get these.

    Right angle Sata cables.
  4. HD 5770 would be best.

    For the $20 extra or so it cost will perform much better and overclock better.

    If you are not concerned about DirectX11 you could always get this.

    HD 4870

    This will be faster then the 5770 but has no DirectX11 but to be honest if your not spending the $300 for the mor expensive cards DirectX 11 support is worthless.
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