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Im having some temperature issues, I think. I currently have a i5 750 < quad core with a gts 250 graphic card. This is newly bought, 2 days old for me. I crashed once randomly, as though something overheated, the typical computer freeze crash. So i started to look at my gpu and cpu temps. Idle is about 50 and 55. My gpu temp peaks at about 66 when running a game on ful, and my CPU's are a litle weird, cpu4 peaks at about 72, then goes down to 68-69 and sometimes 66. but mainly all my cpus are 63-66. cpu4 is a little more.. well heated. is this a issue? I havnt linked the crash yet ot temps. But i Think its running a little to hot.. should i be returning this or investing in a new fan? ( Also, the numbers are all in celcius. )

Thanks community.
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  1. Well for your GPU that is about normal temp for a GTS 250 Nvidia GPUs under full load run around 70 and can run into the mid to upper 80s before it becomes a problem. Same goes for your CPU I believe Intel recommends under 72 but you shouldn't see a crash till you get well above 80 its a tad warm but with in spec if your case allows it add another fan and maybe get a better CPU cooler.

    What kind of ventilation do you have in your case at the moment? Also what case do you have?

    Your crashes could be a corrupted driver or bad memory you could try running Memtest and see if detects any errors.
  2. http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=5395929&CatId=4928

    Thats the cpu i bought ,arived today, installed today. Not sure about the crash, I'm just guessin, coulda been random.
  3. I would say make sure all the fans are running and in the right direction front fan should blow in back fan should be exhaust. It didnt say if its using intels stock cooler or if it has an aftermarket cooler. If its on stock Intel cooler those temps are normal also how hot is the room it is in ambient temp of room will play a big part on how hot your components will run.
  4. .. It just crashed again, I wasn't even ingame, I was... I exited, about to respond and bam everything froze up and crashed... :S im confused its also pretty goddamn noisy ingame, not that I care but just.. saying whatever man Need to fix this or im gonna have to return it
  5. Your temps are much too high. An i5-750 should idle in the low 40's at MOST, and not exceed 60C under load.

    Did you properly apply the thermal paste? Is the heat sink seated correctly? Is your CPU fan working properly? Also, how are you measuring your temps?
  6. What OS?
    Drivers up to date?
    Is this a newly built PC or upgraded?
  7. windows 7 64b home prem . might be windows

    yes drivers upto date

    newly built, i didnt put it together myself.
  8. Return it if you're not comfortable with reseating the heatsink, those cpu temps are FAR too high. I'm running an i5-750 as well and your idle temperatures are higher then my load ones.
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