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My GAteway FX 6801 runs great. Task Manager has lately started showing the #3 core as running at or near 100%. There bis no process that I can locate that would be using that much cpu. A cold reboot solves the problem for a while but it returns. Anyone else seeing this problem? I7 920 chip
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    I would "first" rule-out a rogue App/SOFTWARE and/or CONFLICTS are causing the core to run @ 100%. To determine "which" startup or background app(s) are causing the problem:

    1. Load Diagnostic
    2. Load Diagnostic + Microsoft
    3. Load Diagnostic + Microsoft + Known {Apple, etc - SERVICES}
    4. Load Diagnostic + Microsoft + Known {Apple, etc - SERVICES} + Startup {KNOWN}
    5. Then start adding the rest 2-3 at a time; it is a slow process

    Good Luck!
  2. Fdisk > Format! :lol: no no don't do that x)

    Quick question mate, got an anti-virus running?
  3. NIS 2010 running/scanning SSD while tons of large Apps are open {i7 930}:
  4. ^ o-o whoo nelly.
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