Harddisk-Low health and overheating

Hi all,
I own a lenovo ideapad y560 with a 320gb WD harddisk(5400rpm)
The installed OS is windows7.The system started giving me the blue screen once in a while,about a month ago.
After couple of weeks,it wouldnt startup saying there is a harddisk error.
I tried to give linux a try, and installed ubuntu.It works,but the SMART reading gave pending sector count and reallocated sector count above threshold values,and finally ubuntu failed too and the.
I restored the factory installed W7 using the recovery disk yesterday,and ran the acronis disk monitor--and was shocked to see that the disk health is 10%,and the temperature is too high,i cant even touch a part of the laptop.
I am about to order a new harddisk,but wanted to see if anyone here thought that the drive can still be rescued, and if the high temperatures mean something else is wrong too.

Also,what would be the right replacement hard disk-if i want a slightly improved performance would Sata 3,7200 rpm be ok to be used to replace a 5400 rpm,Sata2?
Which are the better brands?
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  1. The drive is done, order another one. Any 2.5" sata drive generally should be ok, but make sure to save the little casing pieces and screws that are likely attached to the hard drive that is currently in your machine as you will need it to put the new drive in.
  2. thanks....could the high temperature be due to any other cause than the drive?
  3. If fan is dead it could let the heat buildup in there, it should be pretty easy to determine if the fan is spinning though. You cpu/gpu also put out a good deal of heat in addition to the hard drive, which needs to be blown out of the machine.
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