Biostar tf570 no post. NEED HELP

I am wondering if this sounds like a blown CPU or motherboaboarrd.

My friend gave me his computer to try and fix and its a BIOSTAR TF570 SLI MB with an athlon processor. He said it worked good before, but now it does not boot up. It powers up, fans run, USB power works, but no POST. The indicator on the MB says that it is a CPU/Abnormal problem (there is four lights instead of beeps).

I tried everything, and ruled out the RAM, PSU, and Video Card. I did everything unhooking the peripherals and resetting the CMOS as well as reseating the CPU.

I am experienced in working with computers, except I never dealt with blown hardware (if that is the case). No matter what you guys say, the PSU is NOT the problem. It was tested and used on another computer, as well as the RAM and video card.

There is no burn marks or smells eminating from the the system, and I am wondering what part is kaputt.

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  1. Read thru this.

    But sounds like a bad motherboard if you tested everything.
  2. Thanks, that thread on the steps is really informative.

    I helped him build it and got it running for him when he bought the parts. And it worked too in the beginning. I don't know what he did to make it blow out, but if he tinkered with the overclocking it simply got blown from a thunderstorm, I don't know.

    I was really asking this because I hate throwing away computer parts, and just making sure that it would seem appropriate that the motherboard/CPU could be messed up.

    We will just have to get a new motherboard and CPU and trash the old equipment. There is a good creek near us to toss old electronics and garbage, because it's too much work to take it to the recycling center.

    Thanks for your help
  3. CPU probably good very unlikely to be damaged look for any bulgeing caps on the motherboard.
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