Center/Sub swapped w/surround HT Striker 7.1

I've had this sound card installed and working fine for a month now. Yesterday I replaced my 4870 w/a 5870 (graphics card). After installing an ATI catalyst package, some GPU overclocking utilities (msi afterburner/ati tray tools), and windows updates (all yesterday), today I am noticing that my surround speakers on my 5.1 speaker set are swapped with my center/sub speakers. Physically switching the cables in back seems to band-aid fix it fine, but what could have caused this, and could i be doing any harm by keeping it setup like this? Oh yeah, most importantly, how could I fix this?

Mobo: MSI 790FX-GD70 BIOS: 1.0A
CPU: 955 BE (@3.8)
RAM: OCZ AMD Black Edition 4GB 1600 DDR3
GPU: Sapphire 5870
PSU: COOLER MASTER Silent Pro 600 RS-600-AMBA-D3
HDD: SSD - OCZ vertex turbo 60g, 140g raptor
OS: win 7 32
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  1. seems to be running fine with the plugs switched, this is just really weird how it changed out of nowhere
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