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"...(WD) RE3 or RE4 drives for enterprise solutions as they're specifically designed for RAID use".

I was wondering what characteristics or specs would make a HD Raid Specific and can a HD like the WD RE4 be used as a single HD not in a RAID configuration?

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  1. Not much really. More likely, enterprise drives are built for longevity and speed compared to other models, hence the price. It makes them ideal for RAID setups in the enterprise environment. You usually want to look at the life span (x million hours of use, for example) when it comes to enterprise drives though. As for one being better at raid than the other, it really depends on the RAID controller and the speed of the drive.
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    Theres timings that are set different for drives that are designed for raids. Other drives sometimes will drop out of a raid because of issues like not being able to sink up the data quick enough.. look up the problem WD had with their ears series and raids for a good example.

    edit - raid drives can indeed be used individually.
    I wouldnt classify the WD RE's as enterprise class, they're more like consumer raid drives with the 3's being more reliable than the 4's
  3. I want to thank both of you for your answers. They cleared up all the questions and more I had floating around upstairs.

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  4. If you check the MTBF though ratings on the Enterprise class drives vs the consumer drives sold by say WD, which puts out the RE classification schema, you should see the RE drives are rated to survive more usage.

    But as was noted, I don't know if that's true in practice.
  5. Anybody have thoughts on SSD's in RAID(other than the cost)? I guess it's too soon to have anything on the longevity issues and stuff like that.

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