Overclocked then reset setting. Now i am having BIG problem.

I've got a problem.
So i got a laptop a while ago. Everything was fine with it, but i just didn't feel like i was using it to its full potential. So i then decided to do a software overclock on it. That was fine, except every time i plugged in the charger, the laptop would freeze. So i decided to switch back to stock clock speeds. Now, Since i had it overclocked, i expected the battery life to go down substantially, since it was working harder and using more power. I was fine with this. Another note, This was all done while i was on windows 7, if that makes a difference.

Now here is the problem.

I am back on the factory clock settings and have uninstalled the program i used to overclock my laptop with, but the battery life is still terrible. It seems as if the clock speed have went back to normal (or at least show that they have went back to normal), but my laptop is still using the same power it was using when i overclocked. I am also now on windows 8 is that makes a difference.

On average i am lasting about 1-1.5 hours on a full charge.

Is there anything i can to do fix this?

Laptop Specs:
AMD A6-3400M Quad-Core @ 1.4GHz/2.3GHzTurbo
AMD Radeon 6520G
640GB HDD @ 5200RPM
Windows 8 Pro
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  1. Is your CPU idling properly, or running at full (stock) clock speed all the time?
  2. It does not seem to be.

    Current update, I only have 50 min left on 86% battery.
  3. Check your power options, or whatever it's called in windows 8.
  4. Z1NONLY said:
    Check your power options, or whatever it's called in windows 8.

    My power options are normal.
  5. Try the most power-saving setting you can, and see if your CPU downclocks at idle properly.

    If that doesn't work, try checking your settings in the BIOS and/or reinstalling the software you used before and use the software to put things back to stock.
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