Is there a database program similar to dto98

I use DTO98 0n my XP machine. It will not install on my Windows 7 machine. I am looking for a similar program. DTO 98 is so much better than Outlook.
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  1. DTO98 and DTO2k are no longer supported due to the company no longer being in business, but you can try this work-around :

    Oh yes, boys and girls, it CAN be done! That's right! It's messy, it's sloppy, it's a pain in the posterior but I did it. DTO2K on Windows 7.

    In some ways I cheated. When I had it installed on an older system I saved the whole directory for easier access. This included the proper directories and the proper files into the \Windows directory. Then I ran dtddef.exe - errors. It mentioned that it needed a file. And another. And another. They were on the CD. I had to decompress them to the c:\windows\system32 directory. They are




    and Owl252f.dl_

    I found it best to do this in a temp directory. Make sure you have expand.exe and it also may do well in the same folder.

    at a command prompt you'd type

    expand ids45f.dl_ ids45f.dll

    expand Bwcc32.dl_ Bwcc32.dll

    expand Cw3215.dl_ Cw3215.dll

    expand Owl252f.dl_ Owl252f.dll

    copy or move the dll files to c:\windows\system32

    Then run the program.

    Error. Actually the error seems to only apply to online data handling.

    Bypass this error and the program runs for me just like it used to.

    And.... I just did this. Now. Finally. And it really works. I didn't even

    have to do any registry messing or compatibility setting. Oh. I did

    this in Administrator mode. I guess I shouldn't leave that out. I have yet

    to try it as a humble user.
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