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Hi I am using Acer Aspire E560. Few weeks back my dvd writer goes undetected and cant use it. I checked with Acer about the warranty status already expired just month before this issue came up.
I went to hardware center and upgrade the system with SATA DVD writer and try to upgrade memory to 4GB and then got to know that this device motherboard cant suport 4 GB memory. (Acer when sold this dekstop to me was told can support upto 4 GB memory). I got angry and called Acer to report the issue and got below reply "Sorry for the inconvenience caused. There is technical fault in the product and 2GB is the limitation of this product. Unfortunately your device warranty expired last month so we cant do anything." Ideally speaking Acer should recall this product if they know there is technical fault in this product.
(Between right from the purchased date this machine I bought services twice and send to Acer service center for repair).
And yesterday my machine hang and I tend to switch off it and when rebooted it cant detect the HDD.

I restart it couple of times and the Bios cant detect the HDD.

I need help on
1. How to boot system and restore it back to factory default as I have created restore disk.
2. Is it possible for me to replace its motherboard with the next generation motherboard so it can support more memory
3. Is it possible for me to load XP in this machine as when I try to boot up system with XP it just reboot.

Well guys I really need your assistance here and help me out of this issues. I am using it because I cant afford to buy again new product so soon as I recently bought my Canon D550.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. First off it can support up to 4 GB

    Try resetting the bios take the battery out of motherboard with power cable disconnected press power button with battery out and unplugged then replace battery plug back in this will set everything back to factory settings.
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