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I am planning on making a new computer BUT i am using my old HDD. I wanted to know what BIOS setting i should change and when i update my bios if i need to reset all of the settings i changed in the previous version.

Also ( i know this is the wrong thread)

For the drivers for the Vid card do i need to uninstall the other ones first or no.

MOBO : ASUS nforce 980a

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  1. Your HDD should be automatically detected by Windows. What do you mean by "when I update my BIOS"? Why would you flash your BIOS?

    If your doing a new motherboard you have to reinstall windows. There are ways around it though it is much easier I think to reinstall windows. This means all your old drivers will be deleted.
  2. Bios pretty much runs independent of the drive. Thats mostly the point. There are windows changes you should make. Disable protecting of your "My Folders", and change the boot drive driver to windows default. You should also remove any drivers that won't carry over. (sound, lan, etc.) You should be able to boot if you do this.
  3. ASUS lest me flash the BIOS from within windows with an app. also how would i reinstall windows without loosing all my stuff.

    I have Windows 7 pro 64-bit OEM
  4. Read my previous post.
  5. okay but my windows is OEM and i am not sure if that would cause a problem.
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