Hey guys i have a few questions about computer fans.

So I bought the Storm Scout 2, and 6 fans. I was just wondering what would be the best configuration of fans
the case comes with one exhaust in the back. It supports dual 120mm fans (optional) on the acrylic side panel window, two 120mm top fans (optional), two 120mm front fans or one 140mm front fan (optional), one 120mm bottom fan (optional), one 120mm HDD cage fan (optional) and one 120mm rear red LED fan (included). Another thing is i was planning to use 2 fans on the hyper 212 evo in push pull. I was just wondering to put it in push-pull what way the airflow on each fan needs to be going. And my last question is will 3 pin fan plugs fit in 4 pin fan connectors and will 4 pin fan plugs fit in 3 pin connectors. Thank you for you help.
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  1. one 140mm front fan , one 120mm fans (optional) on the acrylic side panel window and one 120mm rear red LED fan and one 120mm top fan should do it , 3 pin plug fits 4 pin header 4 pin should fit 3 pin but you lose pwm on the fans they will run full speed
  2. As stated before, you can use 4 and 3 pin power connectors backwards compatibly, but you wont be able to control your fans that have the 4 pin. As for the Push pull configuration, you need to set it so the fan to the right of your CPU heatsink is pulling air toward the back, and the fan to the left of your CPU needs to be pulling in the same direction. This way, all of your hot air from your CPU is directly shot out the back of the exhaust fan.
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