I have performed OC on a E8500 in the past so I know just enough to be dangerous. My system seems broken, I have changed every setting I can come up with in every guide to achieve 42x100 and no matter what I do when I boot into Win 8 Pro 64bit, (Core Temp, CPU-Z, and ASUS Utilites all say I am running at 39x100. When I run Intel burn it stays there never going up. But the crazy thing is I can bump it up manualy in ASUS Evo Tuneing Program and it is OC but when I restart back to 39. I have checked bios again and again and everything says it should be at 42x100. What AM I DOING WRONG :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :fou: :fou: :fou:
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  1. Apparently My bios had become corrupted I flashed it and went straight to 46x100 and it took, Will test some more Not sure what was going on there I was just going crazy
  2. This has happened now more than once, If I am changing a lot of settings in bios trying to get stable the bios becomes corrupt and stops saving changes all together. Everything works great now that I am stable.
  3. In windows power settings set power level to high performance, if it down clocks your CPU 10 - 15 minutes later turn of EIST, C1, and all the other C states in the power saving settings of your BIOS.
  4. Thanks for the Info I finaly found out what was wrong with the bios, The CMOS battery on a brand new board was weak enough to start loseing some settings but not all and not all the time. Swapped battery and it is running great. 4.6 OC Offset -.015 Power Management Extreme.
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