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so i just finished my first build which has a 40gb SSD and a 1tb Sata HD. The SDD is my bootdrive and when i download things to my computer, some dont let me choose where i want to download it and it automatically goes into my bootdrive. How do i make it so that everything is downloaded into my 1tb HD?
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  1. It would help to know what program you are using when you have this problem, otherwise, all people can offer is speculation.
  2. sorry. im running windows 7 and when i download drivers online (using firefox) it downloads it into my SDD. Is there a way i can make everything download into my 1tb HD? i went into firefox and set my downloads to download to my HD, but when i run the download, the drivers get installed into my SDD.
  3. So in Firefox:

    Tools -> Options -> Main -> Save files to "whatever folder" doesn't work? Interesting.

    Have you tried setting the radio button to "Always ask me where to save files"?
  4. yeah, same thing. im having the same problem with steam also, its automatically downloading a game to my SSD
  5. So wait, when you have it set to "always ask" doesn't ask? I've never had a problem with the always ask setting, so I really don't know what's going on there.

    And where is Steam installed? I don't use it, but I'm guessing if it's on your SSD, it's jut going to download to the SSD.
  6. the always ask and download to "whatever folder" will download to the folder i want, but when i run the download, sometimes, the things get installed in my SDD. and i just fixed the steam problem.
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    What "things"? Windows drivers specifically? Anything else?

    I would expect Windows drivers to try to install themselves into wherever the OS wants them, which is on your SSD, so I'm not sure that you have a lot of choice there.
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