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Hello, i have a toshiba a120 laptop. What happens is when i plug it in i get a green light (seems normal enough) and then i press the power button another green light comes up (again seems normal enough) and the hard drive starts to spin but i get no display on the screen and i checked to see if the CPU fan spins, it doesnt spin at all.

All i can hear is the hard drive start up nothing else seems to happen.

I have tested the following items in another laptop and they all appear to work:


Have i missed something because atm im stomped as to whats wrong :(
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  1. Hi..Try hooking an external Monitor to the laptop. If you get a display, at least you know your GPU is ok. Then the problem would probably lie with your inverter, lamps, or entire LCD.
  2. Yes i have tried that and still nothing, i just cant understand why the hard drive starts up but the CPU doesnt spin when i press the power button.
  3. And you get no beeps, sounds, or lights flashing?

    Try as (like raptor stated) plugging an external monitor and see what that does. nvm :lol:

    I once had an issue with a user's laptop like this (with a toshetba) and it turned out to be something with the power. I didn't mess with that, but he ended up having someone else mod the power connections on the motherboard (did some type of bridge) and got it working again.

    don't know if you have the same issue tho =P
  4. I would say it is the mainboard, the GPU chip on it has died.
  5. I get no sounds or anything, just 1 green light when plug it in and another when i press the power button on the laptop.

    Couple of things to add now.

    Appears theres no voltage going to the 4pin cpu fan or 4pin lcd screen connecters when i press the power button.

    The cpu fan heatsink starts to get warm after a minute of the power being on.

    And as previously mentioned the hard drive is starting up also.
  6. If it's not the cpu, or cpu fan (since you say you tested it) then it's either:


    What happened or what was the last thing the laptop did before it stopped working??
  7. nothing its a motherboard replacement (i was told it was 100% working)

    Ive tried 2 different supplies and it does the same thing.

    Just dont understand how a gpu can stop voltage going to the 4pin cpu fan.
  8. Sorry, i mean power issues on the laptop itself (not the block you connect to the outlet).

    Wow replacement. leave it to toshetba xP :lol:

    the gpu might not be stopping the voltage per se - but it can just stop the pc from powering on completely and doing anything. Unlike desktops - you can't exactly just remove the gpu, so trying to eliminate the gpu is not that easy.
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