Intel desktop board d865glc beeps 7 times and does not display

i power on my pc intel desktopboard d865glc and it beep 7 times and oes not display, why. can you help me.
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  1. Well according to this linky hurr~ and your board's manual linky hurr~ 7 beeps seems to be an "Exception interrupt error".

    "Fatal exception error messages are generated when one of the below situations occur.

    * Access to an illegal software instruction has occurred.
    * Invalid data or code has been accessed.
    * The privilege level of an operation is invalid.

    Any of the above issues could be caused by one or more of the below possibilities.

    * Errors in programming code, either a program, operating system and/or hardware driver.
    * Conflicts between two or more programs.
    * Physical hardware issue.
    * Computer overheating"
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