Unable to format flash drive to ntfs

Hi, I have a new 250gb flash 2.0 highspeed flash drive

Tried to format to ntfs but have only been able to format to fat32.

This reduces storage capacity to 31.98 gb

Am using windows xp home edition

Why can I not format to ntfs, every time I try I get error message saying unable to format

I have a laptop with vista on it so will try that, but if anyone has any other ideas I would be grateful

Many thanks

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  1. I'm not sure why you can't format to NTFS. Windows restricts the size of fat32 drives. You can use this utility to get the full drive size in a fat32 format.

  2. Hi
    Many thanks for response. I tried the utility which 'sees' the drive but when I run it I get error message that says failed to determine drive
    I have tried to format off a laptop top with with vista installed instead of xp but still get the same error, begining to think it must be a faulty flash drive!!!

    Many thanks

  3. Yes, it could be a faulty drive. I've used fat32 formatter several times in the past even on large partitions and never had a problem. If it's failing on multiple computers, then the drive is suspect.
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