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  1. Okay so what they know basically is that Fermi will be basically equal or lesser then some of ATI's current offerings. The clock speeds are slower, and they might be switching to low-midrange market instead of high-end?
  2. in fairness as i have heard it here many times when nvidia was fastest that kyle fawns over whatever is fastest at the time. nvidia sure isnt fastest right now and since we only have rumors to go by, he is making his best guess at it right now. i wont call him wrong but i sure remember many sour words and many who held no relevance to him as he is less than kind to "not the fastest" cards. certainly he isn't all of a sudden credible because he is saying something that is music to some people ears? just sayin... ;)
  3. Already posted in another thread.

    logitic said:
    And so the PR spin begins! Yet another new article!
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