Overclocking on a Nvidia GTX 460


That's a link to the benchmark.
I'm being surprised with the scores that it's getting compared to other video cards, and only maxing out at 69c.

Now, being a O.C. newbie, I do know that having a full size cooler master case with the four built in fans probably really helps. (the fan speed during the test never went over 70)

In the temp program, however, I cannot see what the temperatures of the bus temperatures or the memory temperatures. (is that what the other two are? I'm probably wrong.)

Currently, it's overclocked to the 885mhz.
The GPU tweak problem doesn't seem to allow me to modify the shader speed, only the memory, gpu clock, and fan speed.

Thanks in advance to all replies!
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  1. Use msi afterburner for gpu overclocking, and set yourself up with a manual fan curve. You can also adjust the voltage within afterburner.

    Do yourself a favor and read up on OC'ing before you get too crazy changing settings.
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