What PSU is Good for Overclocking i5 3570k and 2 7870's in CrossfireX?

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  1. Hmm well I would look at 800 watt power supplies at least, maybe even 900 watts. Antec and Corsair make good PSU's look into them. And BTW, if you need to spend more on a good brand Power Supply, do it. The Power Supply is one place you NEVER want to skimp on.
  2. No need for such high wattage. 650W is more than enough. I recommend the corsair tx650w V2 if you're not into modular units or uber high efficiency
  3. I use Corsair HX850W with 80+ silver standard for 2 SLI and OC every single component I am able to do on my PC. This PSU is at the highest blowing out a comfortly summer brees air at the back even thus I have tried to fry it as much I ever can do with OC, the fan is soundless. All top-high-end product into the single circuit! Corsairs PSUs is always thought to transfer more W then what it is written on the spec, am sure my PSU can transfer up to 1000-1200W without complaining at all. Recommend you to buy a Corsair PSU with 80+ standard. Happy hunting!
  4. Thanks guyz I am picking up a power supply today :P
  5. Which psu did you get?
  6. The CX750M was on sale for 100 bucks, so I bought it. I know i probably didnt need the wattage, but it is solving a lot of my problems i am having now
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