Advice needed for assembling these parts

I bought these parts, and they are going to arrive soon.
Please tell me if there is anything I need to be aware of.

Motherboard : Gigabyte UD3R rev.2
Processor : I7-950
Memory : OCZ DDR3 PC3-16000 2000MHz
GPU : ATI HD 5870
Power supply: cooler master GX 750W

Is there anything i need to know before start assembling?
changes, settings, or any other advice is welcome

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Don't wear socks and walk on carpet lazily where you pretty much rub your socks on the carpet floor :lol:

    You might need to mess with the memory timigs, but everything looks ok. what case are you gonna be using?
  2. :D

    The case is gigabyte aurora 570.

    I was bit worried regards the memory in the first place.
    The gigabyte site doesn't say anything about 2000MHz memory, but found some supported in the pdf I downloaded from their site, similar OCZ memory, maybe older one.

    So, what timing do I need to do? I am new to this
  3. Well more than likely the memory should work. What usually happens is when you install it stock speeds will initially be dropped to your system's default (say 1333mhz).
    Then you slowly start increasing the speeds by messing (increasing/decreasing) your timings and voltage.

    What OCZ did you get the Blade series? What are the stock timings?
  4. It is this one

    What is the relation between timing and voltage?
    Is there value for each one according to the other?
  5. oh how i hate that memory! lol. High timings and 1.65v. I like OCZ, just not that series of sticks lol.

    Are you planning on OC your cpu? you can also OC your ram and the CPU by increasing simple setting in your BIOS. (another alternative instead of manual timings xD )

    and yes there is a relation. to increase the speeds you will need to increase the voltage. (more power = more flex in speed increase = more stability). And to set the proper speeds you set the timings accordingly (with increased voltages you can decrease timings and decreased timings is always a good thing ;D)
  6. So, will be there some problems with this memory?

    No, I am not planing on OC.
    All I am going to do is put these parts all together and run. and almost sure of keeping it like this till my next rig.

    Will be there any problems?
    Do I need to adjust something?
  7. ..... continuing

    To help me understand what dis-advantages these parts may have, let us assume that I want to OC, what obstacles I will be facing?
  8. Nothing is wrong, there shouldn't be :) I'm just picky with my hardware so ram with 10-10-10-10 timings would not be something i would buy x)

    Ok, then setting the timings manual is your best option :]
    And everything should work - even without setting timings your motherboard should have the option on for "auto" so it will preset timings for it. x)

    With no OC'in you probably won't have to adjust anything. (Will this rig be for gaming?)

    If you do OC then you will have to mess with the QPI settings, the CPU & Mem Multipliers, and your BLCK. It's not complicated, just annoying as most of it is test & trial, but that is something we can always help you with on these forums x).

    Another important thing is your psu. What psu are you planning on using?
  9. Most of DDR3 2000MHz timings are on 10's and 9's. Is it really that big difference?

    The rig mainly for games, but will be used for graphic design SW (photo-shop/ after effects, etc.) and maybe film editing.

    PSU is cooler master GX 750W
  10. ..... continuing

    And regards the 1.65v, most of DDR3 2000MHz I saw are 1.65v.
    What disadvantage of such voltage? and should it be higher or lower? and why?
  11. It's not a big difference. It's just me who like to be picky x). I prefer the lowest timings possible - but on 2000Mhz low timings are hard to get lol

    All right so the psu seems like it'll work.

    And yes most ddr3 (if not all) are 1.65v now. Some might higher.

    Higher voltages means more power - so you can increase the ram's speed
    BUT this also means you will increase the ram's heat and it's use of power.
    Also, since your voltage is higher you can lower your timings. And why lower timings? lower timings help increase your ram's cycles and refreshes quicker - that is always a good thing xD.

    However since this is ddr3 - you probably won't need alot of voltage increase (unlike DDR2). for example: 1.65v can probably be pushed to 1.7v and be stable at say 1600mhz.

    My ram (DDR2) has it's voltage at 2.3v right now. But i OC'd from 800mhz to 1000mhz+. My ram normally is a 2.1v - so i only went up .2v for a stable OC.

    DDR3 is more efficient at this - so you shouldn't be pushing 2.3v at any time xD
  12. Thanks, now I am more relieved

    In case I needed higher performance, I might consider OC'in, and I hope by then I would have learned more about ram tweaking.

    By the way, what do you think the overall performance of this spec on gaming?

    Thanks again :hello:
  13. Not a problem! :)

    And definitely you can always squeeze a little extra juice from your system to keep it running smooth x).

    It's a decent gaming setup, Should run most games on high settings (not max high xD) at a good resolution. :) I personally don't like ATI, but that card seems good enough to roll :lol:
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