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I am upgrading a system that has an x86 family 6 model 8 1.7 Ghz. I want to use the current graphics card, a NVIDIA GE Force 7300 GT 512Mb, and the 500 w power source. It has direct x 9 , windows xp, and an HD capable monitor. The main funtion will be to play games. Sims 3, Solar Empire and eventually Crysis. Ive looked at the reviews for processors, but cant decide which one will best suit my needs, will utilize what I already have, and be the least expensive option. The Phenom 2 x4 965 is nice, but if I could get by on less for a more economical price, thats what Id like to do.
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  1. What RAM do you have and what's your budget?
  2. Considering that you want to play recent games, it is imperative that the budget has to be decent.
  3. this is good for gaming.
    phenom ii x4 955 but you can overclock it and it's going to like phenom ii x4 965.
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