Overclocking help please!! ):

Hey I have just started to try overclocking my cpu but it seems my bios wont let me in cress the ratio past 38x help would be greatly appreciated. (:
my Mother board and CPU are (H77MA-G43, Intel i5 3750K)
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More about overclocking please
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    H77 is not good for overclocking. You want Z77 (and a reputable brand, at that).

    I am not sure but I think the H77 may be your problem.
  2. ^ +1.

    You'll need a different motherboard to make use of unlocked CPUs. The chipsets supporting unlocked multipliers are P67, Z68, Z75 and Z77 (recommended)
  3. oh dang should have done more research before i got my motherboard, thanks for the quick reply though atleast now i will know what to get in the future (:
  4. Well for now your best bet may be to fix your processor at 38 for all cores. Sounds like that is the most speed you are going to get from that board.
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