Performance Suddenly Dropped after SSD Tweaks

I suppose the title isn't fair since I don't know the tweaks had anything to do with the problem. But that's when I noticed it.

Something odd happened yesterday. I have been upgrading my PC all week and ran performance tests at each step. I've been using PassMark, for no particularly good reason, other than I had it.

Before I added the SSD, my computer had a rating in the 800s. After installing the SSD, my computer perf. rating jumped to 1300 or so. 3D graphics was zooming. It was drawing pages so fast, I couldn't follow the motion (1100fps).

Then, last night I did some of the SSD tweaks in the Tom's guide. Today, when I tested the performance again, it was back down to 850 or so. What could have happened? My 3D graphics are still very high quality but the frame rate is now down to about 40fps, from 90fps. It gives two ratings on 3D graphics. One went from 1100 to 900 the other 90 to 40fps approximately. But there was a noticable change.

I have the previous test runs so tonight I'll compare the results and see where the change was the greatest.

I didn't do all the tweaks. For instance, I couldn't change the AHCI because I'm not sure my computer supports it. I did turn off indexing, hybernation, system restore and such, to gain back some space. I don't see how this could have affected the performance this much. In fact, not at all.

Tonight I'm going to remove all these tweaks and put the system back the way it was, just as a test, to see what could have happened, or if it's even related to the tweaks.

The other possibility is that I know my power supply is marginal. By that I mean, it's only a 300W supply and I have a GeForce 550Ti that requires more power. I do have a 700W supply that I'm going to install tonight. Any chance this graphics card can be throttling back or something, due to insufficient power?

The only other thing I did was to install Norton Security. I guess that could be interferring with the performance test. But as a check, I disabled Norton and it didn't make any difference. Perhaps I'll just completely uninstall it and run the test again.

I'm puzzled by this. Any ideas? I only post this in the SSD forum, because the last thing I changed was the SSD, when this occurred.
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  1. You can't just do some of the tweaks. The disk mode being AHCI or RAID is key to the SSD disk performance. What kind of motherboard do you have? Make? Model?
  2. I believe the tweaks I did are independent actions. For instance, turning off hibernation, saves disc space. Turning off indexing, saves disc space. Is that really dependent upon AHCI? The only changes I made were to hibernation, restore and drive indexing, power settings to not turn drive off. I didn't change anything else. I didn't mess with the cache, buffering or make the AHCI change, because I'm not sure I can even do it om my MP. I did go to BIOS setup and didn't see any option for selecting AHCI. These changes don't seem like they should affect my performance negatively, but I'm not sure.

    In any case, the computer is the Gateway GM5424. I'll have to check the specific motherboard. I found this:

    Gateway Stoughton Motherboard 4006159R. Gateway Stoughton Supports Intel processors in an LGA775 package and with 1066/800/533 MHz front side bus.

    On this page. This is the MB.
  3. You are mostly correct about the tweaks not affecting performance, only saving space.

    But, ACHI is the most important. If you don't have ACHI, and you saw better result than before, great!

    By what you have said, I do think it your PSU. With a video card, it could be sucking juice from the overall system.

    What SSD? That could be a HUGE difference. OCZ Vertex 2 suffer from what is called "drive throttling" which slows the SSD performance, but this shouldn't affect fps. Search for drive throttling in here for more info.

    Also, running benchmarks too much can hurt SSDs. Too many write and rewrite cycles degrade the NAND, but were talking GB's per day. Don't baby the thing, USE IT!

    And if your mobo doesn't support ACHI, I bet TRIM isn't supported either.

    So, see if the new PSU helps, alot. If not, set everything back and let it be.

    Good Luck.
  4. Just to add, without trim, the drive may need some time to clean it self in the background.

    As said above, excessive benchmarking will slow it down until it can clean it self(Idle Time Garbage Collection or similar.).

    FPS should not be effected in any way by the SSD. Most games will be loaded into memory so at that point, they are no longer effected by the SSD or even HDD. At some points, the games will need data and if loaded on the fly will cause a stutter, but the general FPS should remain the same.
  5. Yeah, it's probably the power supply. I have noticed a couple of times that my system shut off right after being turned on. The 700W supply (overkill) is going in tonight.

    I'll post if it makes any difference. But like was said above, I'm going to stop babying it, and just use it. But I've been kind of using this as more of a learning experience than anything.
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