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Can a X2O 450 Pump run my set up?

Could the - X2O 450 12V Pump/Reservoir that comes with the Rasa 450 Watercooling kit run a 120mm Radiator, CPU block, 180 mm Radiator, and GPU Block? Or is it too weak of a pump? It says it runs 450 lph.
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  1. bump, I really need an answer. This is all that's keeping me from going into water cooling
  2. If we are continuing from this thread , you'd like to cram your watercooling hardware into that little case?

    Would you like to explain what your watercooling goals are?
  3. Yes, I want to use that case. It seems to be perfect for a set up with a 180mm radiator and a 120mm radiator which should provide a lot of cooling for a CPU+GPU set up. I have built PC's before but never done water cooling. My main goal is to get my computer to run cool with decent overclocks. I don't mind a little noise but I don't want an airplane engine going off. As long as the noise is relatively inaudible when my speakers are on I'm fine. I have a i7 3770k that i would like to OC in the 4.2-4.5 area, and a reference 7970 that id like to get a little bit of a boost out of but nothing insane. Another reason I am wanting to Water cool is that it is a relatively small case that I'm wanting and while it has good airflow it seems water cooling would be the best option. The reason I'm wanting to use this kit is because I only have 2 drive bays so I don't want to get a drive bay reservoir like in most other kits, and I want one that comes with a single 120mm radiator because I cant use a dual.
    here is an example of what it will look like in that case but he has a drive bay reservoir, also I have a max budget of around $400 for the water cooling system, another reason I liked the Rasa 450 kit.
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    I have been following the TJ08-E club thread on OCN ever since it began and I have seen more than one person attempt that same cooling gizmonodo approach. If I can recall, he also reworked his loop...

    1| the TJ08-E was meant to be an awesome air cooled rig not an internally mounted watercooling rig.
    2| reason I'm using a discouraging tone with your project is due to the fact that the front 180 will dissipate heat into the case due to the fans orientation and the rear 120 will inturn pick up heat from the front 180 and then warm up your loop raising your waters temps. Don't forget to account for the other components that may heat your case innards.
    3| that TDP+overclock aren't looking so good in that case with a limited watercooling option.
    4| if you've followed all the posts and all the pages on OCN regarding that'll find out how disappointed those watercooling it are. Likewise, those watercooling it aren't seeing that sweet spot setup from a crippled watercooling loop. Non of them admit it(maybe one did and reverted back to air) but they weren't expecting decent from an expensive setup. In your case, it'd be a waste of good money which could go towards an awesome loop.
    5| Keep the whole case on air and have the CPU only off of watercooling like a Corsair/Zalman/CLC unit if you must, but I can see a Hyper 212 beat it hands down in such a tight space :)

    To answer your threads questions, the 450 isn't a good pump to begin with and the pump would eventually fail when it'll be dragged across restrictive parts across the cpu+gpu blocks. I'll also couple that the case being tight in nature will require you to add degree'd fittings which'll add more restriction to your loop/pump -> aiding it in its demise.

    Tell you what? head down to the watercooling sticky and read it patiently, you'll get a good grasp of where my notes are coming from, would provide an amazing insight into the world of watercooling and will help you narrow down what you'll need.
  6. Thanks, I was afraid this would be the case. I'm sorry if I annoyed you in any way.
  7. no, not annoyed just thought of helping you out as $400 is a good amount for a custom loop with some serious hardware for future upgrades :)

    TJ08-E internal layout:
    TJ08-E external layout:
    1x1080 mora rad(maybe 2)

    latter me like :sol:
  8. So I should give up on making a custom loop with this case?
  9. you could go for an external loop though that would mean the thing/case becomes luggy :/

    I tend to exhaust all possible options before saying I give up :)
  10. Yeah I was wanting to keep it all internal. External is a no go. I could get some refurbished parts from Koolance instead of a kit and that would allow me to get a better pump that can do 520 lph. But it sounds like the configuration internally isn't worth it from what I'm hearing.
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