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i just recently picked up a XFX 790i board. I am now trying to purchase memory for it i want to run 8gb.I've been in touch with xfx but it like pulling teeth w/ these guys, no direct response to my question. they sent me a link to a data sheet thats from 2008.they basically said it is trial and error.Well i dont have cash to throw around to see if it'll work. i'm thinkin either ddr3 1333 or ddr3 1600 would be the way to go.

1. can this board support a 4gb module , id rather run 2x4gb than 4x2gb , but no biggie i guess if i have to

i know this board is pretty popular anyone runnin it w/ 8gb mem holla at me let me know what works and what doesnt.
thanks in advance
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Yes it supports a 4GB module.
    This G.Skill one is a good choice
  2. ok thank you for your response
    i see that this is ddr2 memory , this is where i get a little confused with the memory thing would it not be better and a faster machine to run a set of ddr3 memory over ddr2 or 1333 vs 800 mhz ? thanks

    here the specs i will be running
    8gb ram
    2x gtx 275's OC
    TT 1200
    xfx 790i ultra
  3. Oh sorry.Your board supports DDR3 RAMs only.
    Have a look at this Corsair model
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    hey...I recently picked up my board as well (same xfx 790i ultra). the BEST memory I have tried is Patriot DDR3-16000 (2000MHz, 9-9-9-24) part #PVS34G2000LLKN. it's the green set...but it's also discontinued. you cannot run new ddr3 ram (1.65v) with much success. So you won't be able to run 4gb chips becaus ethey aren't the older DDR3. You need older ddr3 (1.9-2.0v). I had to buy my set on ebay ($70 used). The Patriot DDR3-12800 (silver set 7-7-7-20) work ok at 1600MHz speed (I have this set as well)...but don't have the EEP setting that the Nvidia board auto-recognizes.
  5. thanks for the info japps2 , ive been goin crazy searching for memeory for this board scouring ebay and the likes to try and find what i need.most of the 8gb kits are the 2x4gb variety.XFX has been useless !! after 5 diff emails they finally told me they dont know of any 4gb modules that are supported.futhermore they said they didnt know if the 4x2gb setup would work either have you tried to run 8gigs yet? if i can only run 4gb then i definitely want the fastest i can get , thanks for the part # for the 2000mhz. let the search begin lol
  6. yes...I ran the 2x2gb 2000MHz modules in the black slots and the 1600MHz modules in the blue slots and for maybe 3 weeks had 8gb stable at 1600MHz speeds with 8-8-8-24 timing. but it started to fail last I tried tones of different settings and couldn't get anythign to work. I think it has more to do with the differences in voltages...the 1600 MHz set is 1.9v and the 2000MHz set is 2.0v. Anyway...the best sets have a "N" on the end of the serial number. And they are all out of you can only find sets that are used (ebay). but I regularly see them for around $70 there. once you find a set it is nice becasue the motherboard will recognize the settings and set everything...let me know if you need any help...I have been playing with this board for a few months now and have a good overclock going.
  7. oh, and it seems like no one is getting 8gb too stable. here's a good forum posts:

    also I have ok luck with BIOS p09...but Lord Hades suggests BIOS p07...I haven't tried rolling back.
  8. ok kool im sure i'll be in touch , because this is gonna be my play machine.O
    C'n everything im gonna learn on this board im a little scurred to OC my i7 machine to the max it's working so well thanks for the help much appreciated
  9. this is the other set I have:
    and this is the set you want (which is the set I bought off ebay):
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