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Hello, I decided to overclock my Ati 5750 (Club 3d version), but first I need a good power supply, because it is only 400w. I am aiming for Corsair VS 550W power supply. And some stable overclock. Could you please give me few advices how to reach best overclock results and is that psu is good enough for this card?

P.S.: Happy New Year everyone!
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  1. It's almost pointless to overclock your current card.

    Although it's not a waste of money to get a decent power supply if you're still using cheap generic psu
  2. Yes, I am using my generic psu, it sucks, I know that. But because of it, I cannot use my Ati 5750, pc just freezes randomly when gpu reaches 60+ degrees celsius. Im forced to use even worse card GT 430 at the moment.
    And what would be better, Corsair or Xilence? Both psu are 550w.
  3. Then the first thing you need to change is the psu. I'll say this, never ever use those cheap generic psu in any system.
  4. But Xilence or Corsair would be better? I cant decide, they seem to be the same, except delivery time is different...
  5. Corsair
  6. Corsair, Seasonic... I'll doubt you'll have a problem with either of those two (some corsair's actually are Seasonics)
  7. Okay, thanks for the help guys!
  8. You're welcome.

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  9. Uhm.. How to do it? I cant find a button or anything in edit topic section.
  10. Oops sorry about that. You can't select a best answer on a discussion thread. It only works in question threads
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