Help please! System boots but does not get Video signal

Hey Guys,

My new system was running fine for about 3 weeks until today. What i have noticed happening today was when i boot the system my fans on my graphics card are sounding like a jet engine probably running at 100 percent fan speed. I can hear my computer boot into the OS system fine through my computer speakers just that i get no display on the monitor. I have noticed there is a red light on my gpu that is on, but not sure if that has always been there or not and i can't seem to find anywhere of what that indicates? Another thing i noticed is that after a few attempts at starting up my system, sometimes there will be a lag between the gpu fans and psu fans turning on and other times it would turn on right away. Im confused to what this could be. I have never overclocked anything and the temps for my gpu usually stayed in the mid to high 40's from the times i monitored it. Please help! :cry:

mobo: ASUS P6X58D Premium
CPU: I7 920
GPU: Diamond ATI HD 5970
RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Redline 6GB
HD: SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1TB
HD: intel SSD 80g
OS: win 7 64
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  1. I did all of the boot system check up list and still not working =/ i guess what i'm looking for is a confirmation from someone that can tell me my gpu or psu is bad so i can RMA it (meh not really looking forward to the months wait if it is the gpu cause i hear 5970's are always out of stock, but what can you do) anyone have similar problems?
  2. Please do not double post. Stick with one thread. :)
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