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While I have used Rivatuner for Nvidia cards, which as been my cards of choice in the past, I now have a ATI 4830 and was wanting to tweak it some. To be specific I would like to change the prerendered frames as GT-R Evolution seems to have issues with this option set on anything except 0.

I ran across something called ATI Tray Tools but it seems like it is a few years old. I see that Rivatuner claim to support ATI GPUs but have never used it and don't even know if you can change the flip queue which is apparently ATIs equivalent to prerender.

Anyone use Rivatuner or ATI Tray Tools on a newer ATI card and should I expect any problems?
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  1. WOW! The level of insight here is phenomenal!
  2. at least you can overclock and change fan settings on a ati 4870 with riva tuner. cant help you more than that :)
  3. rfxcasey said:
    WOW! The level of insight here is phenomenal!

    Some of us don't sit and wait for posts you know, its not a call centre its a forum, people log on when and if they can and most of us go out of our way to help people.
    The level of control you have over your card with ATI tray tools is way in excess of anything else i have seen to date, and yes you can change the flip queue with it.

    Its also quite easy to get hold of an up to date version that should have support for your GPU.

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