Amd propus overheating

I just built my first HTPC / Internet rig but I am worried I am overheating.

AMD Athlon x4 630 (Not overclocked)

Stock HSF

MSI 785GM-E65 MB

The first time I fired it up, I ran for about 8 hours of my normal usage when it suddenly shut down and wouldn't let me restart right away. After a couple of days waiting for my panic to subside I downloaded Core Temp...I'm getting Start up temps @35c, idle temps @50c and light internet usage bumps to 60c. I recently dropped in a Hauppage TV capture card for recording shows and a half-hour of recording (@60-75% of load on all 4 cores!) took the temperature to 83c before I chickened out and it went back fairly quickly to 60c. My first thought was a new HSF and have been eyeballing the Cooler Master Hyper 212 available locally for under $20 but I've heard that may be overkill and I'm worried about case/MB space. Is my rig normal and I'm worrying about nothing or are there any suggestions for improvement?
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    I have an Athlon II x4 620 overclocked to 3.25GHz. When my ambient temperature is 20C, prime95 (a program that puts 100% load on all 4 cores) load temperature is 55C. The Tcase max of this CPU is 72C. That means the temperature in which the CPU will start throttling should be over 100C. It should not have shut down either way though because if it went above the max temperature throttling, it would have throttled itself.
    I am running the stock HSF with the stock thermal compound. There is something wrong here for you but a new cooler is not the solutions. Let's get some more details:
    1. What is the case and case fan setup?
    2. Is the HSF properly aligned and locked in place with thermal compound applied? Reseat it.
    3. Is there any dust buildup? Remove it. Do not use a vacuum.
    4. What are your ambient temperatures?
    5. If you can, run CPU-z and HWmonitor and post screenshots of both.
  2. Forgive me as my knowledge is moderate at best but:

    Generic mid-tower case with single 80mm exhaust fan below a small-footprint 550w PS

    Stock fan came with compound pre-applied. Admittedly I had trouble installing so reseating / reapplying may be needed but given the trouble I had the first time around I'm reluctant to tackle that job again. I'd planned on having any new HSF done by either the sales shop or another 'pro'. (Although I have to wonder if they're any better at this than I am.)

    No dust buildup (recently looked)- unit has been run for only about 36 hours including a 14 hour overnight that went pretty smoothly.

    Room temps usually on the low end @ 65F. The day I was trying to record was a bit warmer, @ 75F
  3. Why don't you go on youtube and watch a couple videos that show you how to manipulate the clips and lever on the stock hsf. I know you slip one side and the the other you manipulate a clip and then use a tension lever. Its actually easier or less intimidating for most than Intel's push pins.
    Shows the order to tackle this.
  4. I'll give it another shot after I can get to the store and pick up some IC Diamond I saw recommended elsewhere. Thanks
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  6. Took a couple of tries, but the new compound and reseating finally got things to stay under 40C under a (for me) full load.
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