Windows 7 memory diagnostic tool

First of all, is it good? I am having problems with my computer and I used it purely because it is convenient compared to memtest (I don't have a cd writer or floppy). My specs:

mobo: p7p55de-pro
memory: CORSAIR XMS3 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model CMX4GX3M2A1600C8
cpu: i5-760
gpu: XFX HD 5870 1GB

My main question is this: My computer was giving me BSoD occasionally when I start games or explorer. I boot, start a game and sometimes a crash happens short after. If I run a windows 7 memory diagnostic test right after the crash it says my hardware is bad. Then, I turn off the machine and test each ram on each slot one by one and get no errors. Put back both rams run the test again and still no errors. What does this say about my hardware?

Now, I know that I made mistakes with the driver installation. I did not (I thought I did) install the mobo (LAN, chipset, USB3 and so on) drivers for a long time. I got the above reported results before I installed the mobo drivers. Can memory tests fail due to missing mobo drivers?

FYI, corsair lists my memory as compatible with my mobo, but asus does not lists the corsair model as compatible.
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  1. Outside of the built-in memory diagnostic have you ran
    I had a faulty stick and Windows reported no problems.
    Wasn't until i ran Memtest86+ that i found over 2500 errors on a stick.
    Also you could very well be experiencing instability due to incorrect ram voltage.
  2. I did not run memtest86+. I don't have cd writer or floppy driver so I could not produce a boot able gadget to run the program from. I guess I have to use some1 else's cd writer and make my self one.

    About the ram voltage: Now the ram says 1.65V on it. Bios Ram voltages are auto. So I guess/hope they are correct.
  3. Chances are the ram is running at 1.5v and 1333Mhz which is mobo default.
    You can easily check that in your bios and/or by downloading CPU-Z.
    Plus you can download Memtest86+ onto a usb stick and it autoloads.
  4. ok thanks. I have been running the extended windows memory diagnosis tool for almost 12 hours. It made 6 passes until now. I am inclined to think that there is either something wrong with the way I installed the drivers or the voltage as you say.

    One question about voltages: When I look at the bios to see what the ram voltage is, I see an item which changes values continuously. The minimum and the maximum are specified, but the value itself keeps changing. Am I supposed to change something in that item? I did not see anything that just says Memory Voltage = 1.5V or 1.65V anywhere in the BIOS.
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