Please Help with New System Build

SO i Have a Gigabyte MA790GPT-UD3H

and one Seagate Barricuda 7200.12 Harddrive -500GB

I'm trying to install windows 7 64 bit

but it won't detect the harddrive.

What should I change in BIOS to make it detect the harddrive? The BIOS seems to be detecting the harddrive.

I have it in IDE mode,

I have tried RAID(doesn't work without at least 2 harddrives)

IDE mode seems to show nothing

should I change it to ACHI? I've tried to load drivers from the motherboard CD/DVD at the "WHere do you want to install windows" step.

doesn't work.

Please guide me
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  1. Well, I looked over the mobo specs and do not see any special features (like added controllers) which would usurp the boot order ... so ... somewhere in the BIOS is a boot-order selection field. If you (do you?) see your drive has been properly sensed and identified, that is a good sign.

    It is important to "SAVE SETTINGS" before/upon exiting the BIOS screen (after any config changes).

    Physically, you can try plugging your HDD into each of all the mobo SATA headers and go into setup ... ID it, Save settings + exit and re-start.

    If you DID have another (known good) SATA HDD then, you could also try that one on all various SATA headers (also).

    Finally, *DO* read this "The Oracle" of new build TS ... and HEED it exactly !

    = that's all I got, fer now =
  2. Hey guys I just wanted to pop in and tell everyone the solution to this problem.

    Apparently its a Windows 7 Issue with the seagate barracuda 7200.12 drives.

    What I had to do was install XP onto the harddrive, which worked flawlessly, and then install windows 7 on the same harddrive by formatting the XP partition and installing over it.

    I am typing on my new computer right now!
  3. heres something its worked for me (try installing windows xp just os and then when windows xp is installed boot to on windows 7 dvd and try a custom install and format it and it should install

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