Sapphire 4850 or 5670

Hey everyone,

I have been debating whether or not to go with a Sapphire 4850

or a sapphire 5670.

the 4850 is 256 bit with 800 steam processing units but only 512 mb memory, while the 5670 is 128 bit, 400 steam processing units, but its 1gb memory.

i mainly play WoW but i also play CoDMW2 as well. please give me your thoughts on this.

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  1. Well obviously the 4850 is the better card. That extra 512mb of memory isnt going to negate the fact that the 5670 has half the stream processors.
  2. The 4850 is a clearly faster GPU, however, for the Games you are playing, you don't need that much more power. You would be just fine with the 5670, and its got the DX11/Eyefiniti/HDMI Audio bitstreaming stuff going on. So really, it depends on if you want higher frames (4850) or DX11 eyefiniti option (5670). I'd probably get the 4850 for me, but I tend to play some more graphically challenging games.
  3. What is the eyefiniti option?
  4. Eyefinity allows you to use 3 monitors at once. If you want to game on 3 monitors though you would want a much more powerful card.
    If your PSU is capable get the HD4850. It's simply a lot better(30+%)
  5. Ok thanks, im gonna get the 4850, i dont need three monitors, and it should run WoW on high with my 4 GB ram and good cpu. thanks for your help

  6. Neither.

    Get HD5750 which is equal to HD4850+DX11
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